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Who Am I?

I'm a Mom to two muchkins.


An extroverted intervert who busts out in song on random occasions. I'm a huge fan of natural moments and not awkward poses. I am someone who loves learning and becomes easily obsessed with new passions. I'm quiet and loud. I'm a peacekeeper and a rule follower. I love movies and books, and movies that are made from books. I'm addicted to diet coke, ice cream, chocolate and burgers. A good night for me is going out for a quick meal and a movie - my second date with my husband was to a dollar movie and Bojangles. I love to camp at the lake and I love a good sunset picture. I love a good laugh with friends. I'm fiercely loyal to those that I love.   Above all  I'm a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife and a photographer.

I'd love to be YOUR photographer.

Why Photography?

I have always had a love of photography. I was the girl at summer camp with the 5 disposable cameras for a week long stay. For my 16th birthday I asked my mom for a panoramic camera. I carried, and used it, religiously until it died at a concert when I was 21. I've always loved to capture memories for people. I especially love to capture the emotion - if it's a mom loving on her new baby, or a child laughing, or a couple so in love that they can't help but smile - those are the memories I want to catch for you.

In 2009 I started taking classes at my local community college in photography. That prompted my love for digital photography and the technical aspects I knew nothing about previously. Since then I've continued to learn, through classes and experience, and when I am not shooting I'm soaking in as much knowledge as I can about photography and trying to make myself better.

I'd LOVE to capture those moments for you. Send me an email below and let me know what I can do for you!

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